• What’s Accepted?

    We Accept Just about everything that takes Electricity, plugs-in or takes batteries. Computers, CRT Monitors, Printers, Network Items, Rack systems Vcr, Dvd players, Portable devices Home Stereo Unit/Systems, Clocks, Radios LCD/LED/Plasma TV's(No Fee) Yard Equipment, lawn mowers, weed eaters Dishwashers, Dryers, Washers Wires, Cables, Remotes, Old Fans Dehumidifiers, AC Cond., Heaters Stoves, Toasters, Water Coolers, Electric Motors Head Units, Cell Phones, Batteries All Types Lighting fixtures, Keyboards, Mice, Wireless Routers Electric Razors, Electric Anything! Even Cars! TV's (Under 27" $20.00) (30"-36" $30.00) Free pickupĀ for Business and Schools, some fee's can ...

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