Welcome to American E-Waste Recyclers.com

If it takes Electric or used a Battery, we are interested. Contact Us with questions you might have about Recycling and doing your part for the enviroment.

Yard Hours: Winter (until March)
During Cold: 30* or Storm conditions, please call.
Depending on Weather
Mon - Fri 9:00 Am - 4:30-5:00 Pm
Sat - 10:30 Am - 4:30 Pm
Sun - Call

What Is Accepted?

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Anything Electronic - basicly anything you plug into the wall or put a battery into. we do not accept anything containing wood products of any sort.


TV fees are $30.00 for TV's Larger than 27" (30",32",34,",36" subject to a $30.00 Fee) TV's 27"-13" have a fee of $20.00 Per TV. LCD, LED and Plasma Type TV's have a $20.00 fee as of Jan 1st, 2017 for any size.

We accept all House hold, Yard Equipment Type, Business items and Medical Type Items.
No Hazzardous Waste
Microwaves have a Fee of $10.00 Per Unit.
We do Not Accept Wood Products (Has To Be ALL PLASTIC).
LCD, LED Tv's and PLASMA type TV's Do have a $20.00 Fee and can be any Size.
Free pickups for Schools and Businesses, however a $25.00 charge is applied to Residences.
If you would like to bring your Items to the Recycling Center.

Address: 716 S. Washington
Wichita Ks, 67211